Specialising in treating all kinds of phobias and other conditions; with high success rate.

What Else Can Hypnotherapy Help Me With?

- Addictions

- Allergies

- Asthma

- Anxiety (Panic Attacks, Performance Anxiety & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

- Aversion Therapy

- Bed wetting

- Bruxism (Teeth Grinding or Clenching)

- Dystonia (Muscle Spasms)

- Facilitate Dentist Trips

 - Headaches & Migraines

 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

 -Low mood

- Mind-Body Dissociation

- Pain Management

- Paranoia

- Phobias

- Psychosexual Disorders & Fertility

- Regression (past life & to events)

- Self-hypnosis

- Sleep Disorders & Snoring

- Stop Smoking

- Coming to Terms With Terminal Illness

- Tinnitus (Buzzing in Ears)

- Trama

- Weight Management​

- Well Being


Joana Pereira


Vincent was super attentive,  started working on my case even before we personally met; he understood my objectives and how to help. In my adapted session I felt the space to be safe and calm. I contacted him to help raise my self-esteem which was very low, in addition to some physical problems I had. Honestly, at the end of the session I thought it didn't work, but as the days went by I realised I was wrong. I felt much safer on my own, stronger and more beautiful :). Vincent is a serious professional; his work does not end at the end of the session, he continues to ask for feedback and helps with exercises and suggestions. Thank you, Vincent.


"Super atencioso, Vicent começa a trabalhar ainda sem sequer nos conhecer pessoalmente, procurando perceber qual o nosso objectivo e como nos poderá ajudar.  Na sessão adapta o espaço para nos sentirmos seguros e calmos.   

Procurei-o para que me ajudasse a levantar a minha auto-estima que estava muito em baixo, para além de alguns problemas físicos que também tinha.

Sinceramente no final da sessão pensei que não tinha resultado, mas com o passar dos dias percebi que estava errada, sentia-me muito mais segura de mim própria, mais forte e mais bonita :)

Vincent é de um profissionalismo fora de série, e o seu trabalho não acaba quando a sessão acaba, continua a pedir-nos feedback e a ajudar-nos com exercícios e sugestões.

Obrigada Vincent."


Matthew Challis






"Vincent was my first experience of using hypnotherapy to address trauma. I found his pace and adaptability to be incredibly accommodating, allowing me to feel like I was directing aspects of the process as much as he was. I felt safe and secure at all times, the space was well held and the treatment worked first time! I no longer feel triggered by everyday events that the trauma we addressed was linked too, I feel back to my old self and can't thank Vincent enough. I highly recommend."


Lucas Buttchewits




      "Vincent is amazing, very friendly and professional 
First we talked  about my problems, then he started the hypnotherapy 
I had a lot of pain in my back, part psychological but part also due to me not doing my exercises. 
In the session he motivated me to stop procrastinating and take some time everyday to focus on my health. 
Since then I’ve been doing yoga at home and attending swimming classes. 
But what surprised me the most was that he did not just helped me with what I asked, but also with something that terrified me most from my youth, fear of the dark and silence.
I use to have problems to sleep alone since I was 8, because being in the dark room gave me panic attacks. 
In the hypnosis session I was in the dark and my panic attack started but Vincent guided me to fight it and I’ve been much better . 
I would strongly recommend him to anyone who suffer from any kind of pain or psychological problems."

Victor Bientinesi







"I started Hypnotherapy with Vincent few months ago. I was really struggling with my panic attacks, anxiety and low confidence.
    He led me in the sessions to face my own fears and improve my confidence. He worked with my good and bad memories. He taught me how to find mindfullness and control my creative thinking. He gave me support and motivated me to do some exercises to make me feel more relaxed. 
    After some sessions I sincerely felt positive outcomes, my self esteem is higher, I learned how to better control my feelings and my cognition has improved a lot. Now I am able to recognise and deal with my thoughts and better understand myself."

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Vincent Belo

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