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Due to frequent requests, Clearview-Hypnosis has lowered its prices from 150£ to 90£ !

However, by doing so we had to give up our room, it is now up to the client to find an appropriate space within London. Our space may still be used, though it would require a surplus fee.


Fill out the form and payment below, do not worry about time an date.

Contact to arrange specifics.

By clicking "Book Now" you are agreeing to our terms and conditions, as-well as answering the questions truthfully.


Terms and Conditions 


  • A client will not be seen if they have any contraindication, they are as follows:

       psychosis/ schizophrenia, severe depression, dementia/ alzheimer's, Bipolar/ manic-depression.

  • The therapist will not disclose information about their personal life.

  • Refunds will only be given if the client cancels three days or more before their appointment, cancelations less than three days before the appointment will not be refunded.

  • Any sexual behaviour will immediately terminate the session and forbid any future session (regardless if they have been paid).

  • Arriving late will lead to a shorter session and the client will thus get less from it.

  • The clients’ GP (general practitioner) will be informed that they are undergoing hypnotherapy for the issue being tackled, this is to check  for contraindications. They are: psychosis/ schizophrenia, severe depression, dementia/ alzheimer's, Bipolar/ manic-depression.

  • Clients with contraindications will not be treated, be it told by the client or their GP

  • If the therapist see the client in public, communication will only be made if the clients initiates it.

  • Payments must be made on the site. Cash is not accepted due to security reasons, no exceptions.

  • Therapy will only be conducted when the bank transfer clears and the client shows at the therapy room.

  • The client information may be anonymously used for research purposes.

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