What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a technique used to put people into a hypnagogic state of consciousness. This is the state of consciousness right before one falls asleep, every one naturally enters this state  everyday.

In hypnosis the brain has greater ability for change, the things you want to change about yourself can be accompiliseh easily  in hypnosis.

This is why hypnotherapy is so effective.


Q:How many sessions does it take to overcome my phobia?


A:Most people overcome their phobia from just one session. Though this may seem too good to be true, it is, because in hypnosis people have more ability to change how they think. So, even though you may of had a great fear of flying for many years it can be gone forever from just one session


Q:Can I be hypnotised to do something I don't want to do like harm someone or act silly?

A:No, one can not be hypnotised to do something that they find unethical. With regards to acting like a chicken, such as during stage hypnosis shows; the stage hypnotists uses techniques to find people who like to entertain others and thus are fine with performing silly acts in front of people.

Q:Do i lose control?

A:No, you are in control the whole time, you can't be hypnotised if you are not willing to be. The whole process is a collaboration between the client and the hypnotherapist, similar to conventional therapy, the difference is the therapists uses hypnosis so as to achieve better and quicker results.

Q:Why is it so expensive?

A:Because it is more effective than conventional therapy and thus less sessions are needed. Even though it may be expensive for some it will save you money in the long term. If in one hypnotherapy session you undergo change equal to three conventional therapy sessions, you save money and time; quicker, more efficient and the best choice for many people.

Q:Is hypnosis safe?

A:Yes, as long as you follow our terms and conditions it is very save. You will not be stuck in hypnosis or forget who you are. There are a lot of myths out there, be it rumours or from films, be careful in what sources you use to construct your beliefs.

Vincent Belo

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