Terms / Conditions

- A client will not be seen if they have any contraindication, they are as follows: psychosis/ schizophrenia, severe depression, dementia/ alzheimer's, Bipolar/ manic-depression.  Clients with contraindications will not be treated, be it told by the client or their GP
- The therapist will not disclose information about their personal life.
- Refunds will only be given if the client cancels three days or more prior to appointment, otherwise no refunds can be issued. Room bookings are non refundable, regardless of days/time till the booking. Our Platinum clinic offers a 20% booking refund upon cancelation anytime prior to the arranged booking time.
- Any inappropriate behaviour will immediately terminate the session and forbid any future session (regardless if they have been paid).
- Arriving late will lead to a shorter session and the client will thus get less from it.
- If the therapist see the client in public, communication will only be made if the clients initiates it.
- Payments must be made prior to session. Cash payments are not accepted.
- The client information may be used anonymously for research purposes.
 - The clients’ GP (general practitioner) will be informed that they are undergoing hypnotherapy for the issue being tackled, this is to check  for contraindications.